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Workflow alone is worth the price of admission, but this is just one of the valuable utilities offered in the Worldox Productivity Suite, all for one modest price. From task scheduling and document-access alerts to special Worldox Productivity Suite versions of pdfDocs and compareDocs from our partner DocsCorp... everything you need to get more done with Worldox, faster, is here.

It starts with Workflow...

Set Up
Initiating a document review workflow. Additional steps (routes) can be added now or later, while responses are still coming in.

Access, monitor
Accessing workflows (those sent by you, those inbound from others) via the left-side Worldox path tree.

Now add more modules:

Task Reminder:
Set up and track document-specific, Outlook based reminders - without leaving the Worldox window.

Event Notifier:
Receive automatic notification of actions taken with tagged files and folders - by one or many users.

And from our partner DocsCorp:

pdfDocs-Productivity Suite Version*:
Core features from this bestselling software, fully integrated into Worldox, and Microsoft Office. Convenient ways to create, combine, secure and save PDF documents. You can later upgrade to pdfDocs Professional for full OCR capability, editing and formfilling.

compareDocs-Productivity Suite Version*:
compareDocs provides the ability to compare Microsoft Word documents and output as either a redlined or track changes comparison result document in Word or PDF. Upgrade to the compareDocs Professional version to enable comparing PDFs and scanned documents.

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